FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dance Floor

Graham St John (ed.)

Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

Frontline communiqués on technotribes, contemporary musical practices and dance culture. Captures the spectrum of youth phenomena at the edge of the dance floor.

Dr Graham St John

Graham St John has an interdisciplinary research commitment to new youth counter cultures. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland where he is researching contemporary strategies of celebrating and defending natural and cultural heritage amongst Australian youth cultural formations.   Graham has published widely in the fields of anthropology, cultural, youth and religious studies, and recently edited Rave Culture and Religion (London: Routledge, 2003), and FreeNRG: notes from the edge of the dance floor (Altona: Common Ground, 2001). He is an associate editor of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature, as coordinator for 'Religions, Nature and Culture in Oceania'. He completed a PhD thesis: 'Alternative Cultural Heterotopia: ConFest as Australia's Marginal Centre', available:


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