Shakespeare and the Reader: Revisiting Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth and Othello

By Ali Salami.

Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Shakespeare and the Reader postulates that Shakespeare consciously uses a number of strategies in order to frustrate the reader’s expectations and eventually manipulates his/her response. The astounding variety of responses seems to have been in the forefront of Shakespeare’s mind with a more conscious level of decision making while producing his plays. This study shows the dialogical interaction between the text and the reader and the importance of the implied reader in determining the response of the recipient. In fact, the reader produces a series of responses provoked and demanded by Shakespeare but the responses emerge as a result of the effect of the text and the reader’s power of imagination.

Keywords: Shakespeare, Literature

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 7.672MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing, Illinois.

Dr. Ali Salami

Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ismail Salami is an internationally published author, Shakespearean, lexicographer, Iranologist. His research and teaching interests range from comparative literature to Shakespeare studies, and his articles have appeared in numerous international scholarly journals. Salami has taught English literature at the University of Tehran, Alzahra University and Tehran Teachers' Training College.


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