Money and Banking in Greek Antiquity

By Vassilis Doukakis.

Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Adam Smith thought that the form and function of money at any given time is a reflection of the stages of development of human society. In Greek antiquity, many branches of social activity made great strides – art and letters, philosophy, history and the sciences. This book investigates why economics in general, and coinage in particular, did not register comparable progress, or have not been sufficiently studied.

My aim is to bridge a gap. I regard coinage as an economic category that expresses socioeconomic relationships between the members of a society at the stage of production and circulation of goods. Hence my starting-point is not coinage per se, exclusively, and its composition. Rather, I investigate how and why it made its appearance; how it was issued; what factors determined its value; and what were its functions in financial transactions. The emphasis is on the socioeconomic conditions that prompted its rise, its form and its functions: in other words, the level of socioeconomic development of a specific social formation. Thus my analysis interlocks with the study of those social and economic factors that were responsible for the arrival of coinage and hence its contribution to the spread of the money economy.

The issues involved are discussed in twelve chapters, with bibliographical material.

The subjects are chosen and treated analytically in such a way as to highlight their originality and help the reader to grasp economic, and particularly monetary, activity in the ancient Greek world. Illustrations and a bibliography accompany the text. The book is addressed to students of ancient society and economics with broad scientific interests.

Keywords: Ancient Greece, Money, Banking, Economics

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 7.556MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing, Illinois.

Vassilis Doukakis

Vassilis Doukakis is Professor Emeritus of the University of Macedonia, Greece, where he taught courses on Economic Development and Monetary Theory and Policy. He formerly taught at the University of Constantine (1972-1974) and at the University of Algiers, Algeria (1974-1982). He has offered courses as a visiting professor in other Greek and foreign Universities as well. He has worked as a researcher at the Greek Centre of Planning and Economic Research (1985-1988) and has been member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank (1993-1996). Prof. Doukakis has published sixteen books and more than 80 articles (in Greek and in French). He is also a member of several scientific Associations.


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