Dancing Images

By Anna Mouat.

Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Dancing Images investigates the theoretical issues and practical concerns regarding the use of historic works of art as illustration in dance history. The first section draws content from the diverse fields of visual communication, visual culture, history and theory of illustration, dance iconography, emotional intelligence, visual intelligence, perception theory, visual learning, and visual instruction. The second section provides a collection of 171 images that illustrate the history of Western theatrical and social dance forms, 1581 to 1900, providing art-historical attribution and relevant dance historical information for each image in the collection.

Keywords: Dance, Art, History

Book: Print (Hardback). Published by New Directions in the Humanities, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing, Illinois.

Anna Mouat

Associate Professor, Program of Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Anna Mouat is an Associate Professor of Dance and Head of the Dance Department at the University of Calgary. She trained at the Royal Ballet School, England, and danced professionally with the Paula Ross Contemporary Dance Company. She served as Director of the Dance Program at Cleveland State University, Ohio, and since 1988 has been on faculty at the University of Calgary where she teaches Dance History. Her writings have appeared in Dance Connection, Dance Current, and the Calgary Herald, as well as in books and periodicals.


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